About Lawersbridge Boarding Kennels.


We are a small family run dog boarding kennels and this allows us to pay more attention and care to your dog or dogs. Our site is manned ( sometimes womaned ) 24 hours a day, each and every day. We pride ourselves in the amount of care and attention given to all of our boarders and treat them as if they were our own. Our intensive daily cleaning routine far exceeds regulation standards and the careful monitoring of all dogs left in our care is second to none.


Purpose Built Luxury Dog Boarding Kennels.


Our dog boarding kennels were built in 2006 and the solid construction helps help provide a quieter, calmer atmosphere which will be more enjoyable for your dog to stay in. With full central heating, they make it easier for staff to attend to dogs one-on-one, giving them full attention.


Full height, (6ft/2m) kennels are best because they make dogs feel more secure, more like a room at home AND it's easier for staff to clean the kennels thoroughly if they don't have to bend. You can see our dog boarding area is clean and well maintained with fewer but larger kennels.



It is important that dogs get out of the kennels for play, exercises and walks where possible to reduce depression and stress. Away from the kennels dogs can be themselves, play with friends, have a chance for a run, stretch, sniff and play, and most importantly have human company on a one-to-one basis. Providing your dog's own bedding, toys and chews, plus something you have worn that smells familiar, will help your dog to relax and helps them to settle in much faster.

Our attatched covered runs allow your dog freedom to move between sleep and exercise areas while being protected from the weather. Choices and different views also help your dog to settle quicker with minimum fuss.      Contact Lawersbridge.

 Lawersbridge Dog Boarding Kennels near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire.


 Purpose Build Dog Boarding Kennels.


 Regular Exercise and Play At Lawersbridge Kennels.